Matthew Broderick Knew Sarah Jessica Parker Was "The One" the Moment He Saw Her

And just like that ... they've been married since 1997.

Sarah Jessica Parker Pink Tulle Gown Matthew Broderick Opening Night "Plaza Suite"
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Couldn't help but wonder ... how Sarah Jessica Parker met her husband Matthew Broderick? Broderick told the couple's good friend Andy Cohen that he knew she was "the one" at first sight.

On an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Broderick told the host that it was love at first. "Oh, the first time I met her," Broderick responded to Cohen's question. "I saw her walking down the street and thought 'That's it.'"

The actor added that SJP's "humor and wisdom" were two qualities that he admired the most, though he also complimented her gift-giving ability. When asked about the most thoughtful present she had ever given to him, Broderick said it was "a trip one time — a surprise, blindfolded, suddenly I was in the Caribbean."

Earlier this year, Parker appeared on the show and agreed that she also knew that she would marry the actor shortly after they met, despite the hilarious story behind their second kiss ever, which she revealed to Cohen. "It was outside an apartment building, and maybe our second kiss ever I had a Ricola [cough drop] in my mouth. It was the dead of winter, and I thought, well, it just seemed like a third party, so I spit it out into my gloved hand because I was getting onto the subway. And then I got on the subway and it took off and it was stuck on my glove."

The two tied the knot in 1997 and now have three children together. But they're now also sharing a stage in Broadway's Plaza Suite, playing at the Hudson Theater through July 6. "You know, speaking of how talented my wife is, I should also say that getting to do this play, even though we only just did it in Boston for a little while ... she was so, so good in it," he gushed.

"I really had never acted with her onstage and hadn't really acted with her at all. And I was just reminded of how funny and smart and what a great comic actor she is — or actor, never mind the comic part," he continued. "She's very good at it. So I hope everybody gets to see her do it."

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