Carrie Bradshaw Carried Away By Man in "Hot Fellas Baked Goods" Romper

Once again, the Sex and the City reboot has us intrigued.

Will we ever tire of seeing out-of-context photos from the set of HBO Max's upcoming Sex and the City reboot? Our sources say no.

And Just Like That … continues to bathe the streets of N.Y.C. in cosmopolitan-flavored nostalgia. I mean, our girl Sarah Jessica Parker is even out here wearing a tutu (let's hope this one fares better than the last). Our latest behind-the-scenes glimpse of the series, however, may be our favorite yet.

A new photo from the production shows Carried Bradshaw being quite literally carried away as a muscular man in a denim romper bearing a "Hot Fellas Baked Goods" label brings the columnist up the stairs of a brownstone apartment building. Bradshaw appears to be enjoying one of the hot fella in question's baked goods as she is carried to the stoop. Girl's gotta eat.

Sex and the City Reboot
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First off, this is a billion-dollar business idea. Second, I think it's time we stop labeling ourselves Team Big or Team Aidan and pool our support for the only man truly deserving of Carrie's affections: the hot fella providing her with baked goods. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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