And we love them for it.

By Christopher Luu
Oct 21, 2020 @ 7:20 pm

While things like weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations have been nothing but a faint memory thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Sarah Hyland and her fiancé, Wells Adams, managed to celebrate their third anniversary in a big way — by voting. In an interview with People, Hyland said that she and Adams spent their anniversary by researching everything and everyone on the ballot this year and walking to a dropoff box.

"On our anniversary, we sat down [...] and had all of our ballots and research laid out before us," Hyland said. "We filled out our ballots and walked our ballots over to the official dropoff box and triple-checked to make sure that it wasn't one of the fake ones that are lying around California."

Sarah Hyland Wells Adams
Credit: Gregg DeGuire / Stringer

It wasn't all civic duty, however. Hyland said that the two managed to do other things, too.

"And then Wells cooked us dinner and we exchanged gifts and that was that," she finished.

Hyland shared the festivities (the voting ones, not the dinner) on Instagram, though she made no mention of her big day. She did, however, urge her followers to vote, too.

"Today I exercised my rights as an American citizen," Hyland wrote. "It was fun. It was easy! Remember that voting doesn't start Nov 3rd, it ENDS Nov 3rd. Vote early if you can!!!"

Adams and Hyland have been together for three years and they did find time to post about the big milestone on social media.

"Three years ago I asked you when YOU were going to ask ME to be your girlfriend. Now we’re engaged and in the midst of surviving a global pandemic," Hyland wrote in her celebratory post.

"Happy anniversary sugar tits!" Wells wrote in his post. "The list of things I love about you is longer than my tongue. love you +1 anything you say. @sarahhyland."