Everything We Know About Sandra Oh's Very Private Love Life

Sandra Oh
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Whether you fell in love with Sandra Oh as the sarcastic Dr. Cristina Yang on the drama series Grey’s Anatomy or can’t get enough of her as Eve Polastri on the hit BBC America drama-thriller Killing Eve, chances are likely you’ve walked away thinking she’s wicked talented. The Korean-Canadian actress has several awards under her belt, including a Golden Globe win for Grey’s Anatomy, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and six Emmy Award nominations. This year, Killing Eve earned Oh a nomination for a Golden Globe (she will also be co-hosting the ceremony with Andy Samberg).

But while her successful acting career has certainly landed Oh in the spotlight, she likes to keep her personal life pretty private, including her relationships. If you’ve been wondering “who is Sandra Oh’s partner?,” then here are the details.

First, a bit of history: Oh married filmmaker Alexander Payne during the making of his Oscar-winning film, Sideways. In 2007, People reported that Oh and Payne were divorcing, a process that took two years as the couple settled their finances. In a March 2005 statement, a spokesperson confirmed to the publication that Oh and Payne had “mutually decided to separate,” adding: “They have been together for five years and were married in [January] 2003. The couple will remain friends.”

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Rumor has it that Oh, 47, eventually moved on to a relationship with musician Andrew Featherston. But in an interview with The Times, Oh said she would not comment on whether or not the two are a pair, “other than I’m very happy.”

It’s a move that suits Oh’s overall approach to celebrity, a title that she told Canadian television host George Stroumboulopoulos in 2012 that she doesn’t apply to her everyday life.

“There are choices that you are making,” she said on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. “And my choice to talk to you on your show and what you do on your show is very conscious on my part.”

She continued: “I stepped out of doing press because it’s too big a price for me, because I just think that if you want to be an actor and if you want to be an artist, to be known in that entire world, it throws you off your game. It throws you off what I think is really important … I have no idea when I stopped being an actor. I do not consider myself a celebrity. I know many actors who don’t consider themselves celebrities and I want to publicly make that statement and that differentiation. There’s a big difference.”

Oh, born July 20, 1971 in Ottawa, Canada, rose to prominence thanks to her early work in TV film The Diary of Evelyn Lau and the movie Double Happiness, in which she played a young Chinese-Canadian aspiring actress. She attended the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal despite receiving a full scholarship to Carleton University in Ontario.

While Oh typically stays tight-lipped on her private life, she did treat everyone to her adorable parents when she brought her whole family to the 2017 Emmys, a move most likely triggered by her history-making nomination as the first-ever woman of Asian descent to land a nod for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. During a red carpet interview, Oh’s mom and dad stood proudly next to her, her mother even planting a kiss on her cheek while Oh answered questions about the roles she chooses.

“Honestly it's not necessarily a conscious focus for me," Oh said to E! red carpet host Giuliana Rancic when asked about choosing powerful narratives to portray in her work. "I think that happens to me no matter what because I am a woman and I want to tell my own stories, but it really has to do with finding something that's interesting and truthful and that I resonate with."

Oh has certainly found that in Killing Eve, a role she told The Times “was like coming up for a breath of air.”

And Oh has no problem talking about her acting chemistry with Jodie Comer, who plays a hitwoman with Oh’s Eve Polastri as her target.

“It’s kind of like going on a date,” Oh said of her first scene with Comer. “‘Hey, how’s it going? Tell me about your family.’ And when you lean, the other person leans. Then they’ll pour you some more tea without you asking for it. We were really locked into each other.”

In another interview with Deadline, she said of Comer: “Jodie is so wonderful in her presence, and her own instinct, and her own fearlessness. She’s absolutely nothing like the character, which makes what Jodie can personally bring to it so much more extraordinary. We first met in her audition, and the audition was the scene in the kitchen in Episode 5, this 10-page scene. Jodie flew from England to LA, we laid it down, and immediately, I felt like we could both feel, ‘Oh, this is my dance partner.’”

Which makes the appeal of tuning in to Killing Eve that much greater, because who doesn’t love a stellar on-screen connection?

You can spot Oh — as well as many more stars you love — during the upcoming 76th Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

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