She rescued the owl, Kering, two years ago.

Celebrity dogs may steal the spotlight when it comes to A-list pets, but Salma Hayek opened up about Kering, her pet owl, and how the two enjoy winding down together with a glass of wine. Celebrities and owls, they're just like us. Hayek opened up about her rescue owl with People, saying that she'd adopted her two years ago for François-Henri Pinault, though they both immediately knew that it was more of a present for Hayek than anyone else.

"I gave it to my husband as a Valentine's present and named her Kering because that's the name of his company and their symbol of the owl," she said. "And he was like, 'Well, thank you, but I know this is your own present for yourself.'"

Hayek went on to say that when Pinault is out of town, Kering sleeps in her bedroom and the entire family loves the feathery pet — though it's clear that she and Kering have a close bond.

"We have certain routines before we go to sleep. I watch TV with my iPad, and she likes to stand on the iPad," Hayek added. Kering isn't like other owls, however. The southern white-faced owl has expensive taste, because, of course, she does. 

"Even though owls don't drink liquids because they take everything from their prey, she likes good wine, this one," Hayek said.

Back in 2013, Hayek told Ellen DeGeneres that she had so many pets that she sometimes forgot one or two: "five horses, four alpacas, one cat, eight dogs, one hamster, five parrots, two fish, I'm sure I'm forgetting something."

In her latest interview, Hayek told People that she loves her animals because they always make her feel "welcome" and she appreciates the special relationship that they share.

"Because they don't talk, you really have to be present with them, to communicate with them, to understand them. They always make you feel welcome. They never complain," she finished.