Salma Hayek
Credit: Meron Menghistab

It’s no secret that Salma Hayek is blessed in the genes department, but that doesn’t mean that the 50-year-old actress isn’t taking extra steps to make sure she maintains the fountain of youth.

Hayek, a co-founder in smoothie chain Juice Generation, has launched a new line of multitasking recipes that double as face masks, inspired by her own DIY facials from her youth. Called “Blend It Yourself,” there are three "Beauty Blends" that are specifically meant to both drink and slather on your face, in addition to the existing line of BIY which includes 12 smoothies and three acai bowls.

At an intimate gathering at a private loft in NoHo on Thursday afternoon, Hayek whipped up some of the concoctions and spoke to InStyle about her new edible beauty line.

Salma Hayek Smoothie - Embed
Credit: Meron Menghistab

“I’ve been also doing beauty for a long time and I have a grandmother who was all into natural things and she was amazing,” said Hayek, who has had wild success with her beauty line Nuance. “We’d be having breakfast and she’d take papaya and yogurt and honey and go to the blender, and put some nuts in it, and then put it on her face.” And her skincare routine started there as well. “When I was really young she said ‘It’s time for you to really start cleansing your face, let me show you how to do it…’ We’d go in the kitchen and she’d mix oatmeal with a little bit of chamomile tea and say ‘This is how you cleanse your face.’ So I grew up with that, and now I realize it’s not normal. I thought every grandmother would take the leftovers and make a mask … So for me, beauty started in the kitchen.”

So Hayek, alongside Juice Generation founder and business partner Eric Helms, decided to begin with three masks that could be easily created no matter where you live. “There’s some places in America that it’s not so easy to access good organic products, so instead of having ice cream in your freezer, you have the shakes, and sometimes, as you have the shake, you can also do a beauty treatment on the outside and the inside simultaneously. You can actually do your whole body, and drink it. You see the results immediately. It wakes up the face.”

Well, Salma, whatever you’re doing is clearly working, so we’re on board.

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