Ryan Reynolds Says He Made the First Move With Blake Lively

"I was just begging her to sleep with me."

Ryan Reynolds is taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about the beginning stages of his and Blake Lively's relationship. And in an incredibly unsurprising turn of events, Reynolds made a joke about who made the first move.

On Monday, during an appearance on the SmartLess podcast, The Proposal star revealed some new information about his and Lively's relationship to the show's hosts, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett.

"I met Blake on the darkest crease in the anus of the universe called Green Lantern," he joked, remembering the 2011 film the now-couple co-starred in. "We were friends and buddies and about a year and a half later we went on a double date but we were dating separate people."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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According to People, the Deadpool actor added that the pair had "hung out" and "always kind of kept in touch but casually" before dating seriously.

"Next thing you know, she was going to Boston, I was going to Boston and I said, 'Well, I'll ride with you.' We got on the train and we rode together," he said before adding, "I was just begging her to sleep with me."

After that trip, Reynolds remembers things moving fairly quickly, telling the hosts it was like something "out of a fairytale."

"A week later I was like, 'We should buy a house together,'" he remembered. "And we did."

Now, nearly a decade (the two tied the knot Sept. 9, 2012), countless red carpets, many Instagram-trolling sessions, and three daughters later, the rest is history.

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