Ellie Goulding and Ruby Rose
Credit: Getty (2)

Ruby Rose and Ellie Goulding are exploring their career options—could they make it as Instagram fitness models? The two lovely ladies were goofing around at the gym yesterday, taking turns showing off their muscles and documenting the LOL-worthy antics on Instagram for us to enjoy.

Rose, the 30-year-old model, DJ, and actress, posted a few funny pictures to her Instagram account. In the first, she's doing pull-ups in the gym, showing off her crazy-impressive back muscles and tattooed arms. She's wearing a black sports bra, white shorts, and white sneakers as she holds herself up. Under the picture, she wrote, "A few tattoos and about half as many muscles as I had 4 months ago."

The Orange Is The New Black actress also shared a video of herself and 29-year-old singer Ellie Goulding. At first glance, it appears that Goulding is doing pull-ups all on her own, but then the camera zooms out to reveal Rose holding up her legs. Rose captioned it with, "@elliegoulding and I trying to be Instagram fitness models."

We're obsessed with this hilarious duo, and we hope the two ladies hang out again soon!

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