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Credit: Photographer: Alex Garoso/ Apparel: Good American

This past Spring 2018 fashion week, was one of the most inspirational ever. We saw two major curve brands with major shows (Torrid and Addition Elle), theCURVYCon made a splash, and some of the most vocal body positive activists came out to support women and all the beautiful shapes and sizes that we come in.

One of those amazing women is The Real Houswives of Toronto star Roxy Earle, who has racked up quite the following on Instagram. She currently has 55,000+ fans, who all head to her feed to get their daily dose of fashion, luxury, and most of all empowerment. Her #MySizeRox hashtag has become a sensation, with thousands of users posting photos using it to embrace their bodies and the skin they're in.

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"As a curvy woman, I was a anticipating body shaming and jabs about my size [when I started RHOT], instead I received an overwhelming amount of love from women who were thrilled to see not only a 'plus-size' woman but one who loved her body, showed it off, and was confident when it came to fashion and style. I was overwhelmed with stories from women saying that my confidence inspired them to feel comfortable in their own skin," says Earle.

"#MySizeRox started trending as a hashtag with women everywhere posting their confident body positive photos and letting go of the shackles of judgment we place on our bodies. I felt a responsibility to show real unedited images of my body and proudly display what others might consider flaws. It was terrifying and liberating all at the same time."

Today, on the second annual Body Confidence Day, we chatted with the uprising queen of body confidence to get her insight on how you can take small steps to get into a healthier state of mind, all with an Instagram post.

"I was honestly crying when I posted this. I was overwhelmed with the moving stories women had sent me, sharing their struggles and their triumphs to self love. I was swimming naked in the rain in this photo. I didn't want women to hold back from the joys of life out of fear of how their bodies looked. I’ve missed so much because I didn't want to be seen in a bathing suit. I remember feeling so free and so vulnerable in this photo. I needed my followers to know they were not alone with their anxieties but inspire them to let go and just feel beautiful."

"For so long bikinis had scared me but not anymore! I believe it is vital for the body positivity movement that women see images in the media of varied bodies to redefine that standard of what a 'beach body' is. It was also a nod to another body positive ambassador, Ashley Graham, who had inspired me."

"I had been body shamed on the internet that morning, and I just said to myself ENOUGH! So many people assume that I want to change my body. I looked in the mirror and saw a healthy, beautiful body smiling back at me and wanted people to know that I liked my size. I wasn't hiding! I was proud. A movement was born and this is the photo that started it all. To this day, it's my most viewed photo with over a million views."