Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara's movies elevated her to the height of her career. And acting certainly runs in the family. Rooney and Kate Mara are equally hot in Hollywood, but the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress, who played Lisbeth Salander, also makes news for her style. Rooney Mara's short hair and street style outfits put her on fashion's hot list, while her red carpet arrivals at awards shows spotlight edgy evening gowns and an innate sense of how to dress for her body.

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The 25 Best Beauty Looks of the Last 25 Years

J.Lo's 30-inch ponytail, Kristen Stewart's white eyeliner, Reese Witherspoon's blunt bangs — all present and accounted for.

10 Movies to See in July

July is typically a busy month. Between the Fourth of July, summer trips and all those hours spent lounging by the pool (tough life!), time can slip away pretty quickly. No matter how busy things get, there's one small pleasure you've got to make time for, and that's heading out to the movies. RELATED: 10 Legitimately Good Movies We’re Excited to See This Summer This month, you can definitely count on your favorite summer blockbusters to be coming in hot. But you can also look forward to an offbeat supernatural tale, a couple of kickass girl power flicks and even an animated film featuring characters we use in our every day iMessages. Read on for the 10 movies you won't want to miss this month.

14 Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like the Characters They Played on Screen

When Orange Is the New Black dropped its fifth season on Netflix, the social media buzz started to eclipse the actual show's storylines. Hard as we tried, we couldn't resist the pull. We were floored to discover that Daya’s younger-self is, in fact, the actress’ daughter, and absolutely flabbergasted when photos of the actress who plays “Skinhead Helen” came to the fore. And, as it turns out, when Francesca Curran isn’t portraying white supremacist convicts, she’s super gorgeous (hair and all!): The power of hair and makeup is, to this day, confounding. It’s the special ingredient that takes people from day to night, prison to Hollywood, and far beyond. Scroll down below to see the most insane celebrity transformations in film and television.

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15 Movies to Watch in November 2016

November is upon us and in case you don't believe us, just peep the leaves on the ground. Summer is now a faint memory and before we know it, the jingle bells of Christmas will be ringing. As we get into the swing of yet another blissful holiday season, we're reminded of all the countless memories associated with this time of year. Family memories spent by the fire, kitchen extravaganzas preparing feasts, and of course, time spent enjoying our favorite movies with our loved ones. This month's batch of new movies will definitely be worthy of storage in your mental locker of fond memories. From emotional true stories of love, determination, and triumph, to feel-good animated fare that will wow the kids and make us grown-ups smile, there's truly something for everyone this month. Read on for our top pick of movies you can't miss in November.