The singer, actress, and designer sticks to a few key style rules whenever she gets dressed — and these photos are proof.

By Samantha Sutton
Jan 22, 2021 @ 4:03 pm

If you've ever tried to come up with a label to describe Rihanna's fashion choices — Quirky glam? Cool and casual? Slightly sexy? — we'll be the first to tell you not to even bother. The singer, actress, lingerie, and luxury designer has an aesthetic that's truly all her own, and just when we think we've figured out how to replicate her look, she'll swap out her poufy red carpet gown or thigh-high boots for denim-on-denim, a fuzzy hat, and sneakers.

Still, that's not to say Rihanna doesn't stick to a few key style rules when it comes to getting dressed. Ever since she's stepped on the scene in the early '00s, there have been a handful of specific pieces and tricks that she's kept in rotation, reinventing them ever-so-slightly with each decade to better suit the changing times. In fact, some of Rihanna's best fashion moments have secretly been nods to the past, proving that the star does indeed have a signature style, it's just in a league of its own.

Take a look at some of Rihanna's favorite trends, colors, and combinations, ahead.

Bucket Hats

Credit: Getty Images

Sure, fashion icons such as J.Lo and pretty much any model are into them now, but Rihanna has consistently been a bucket hat fan for years, stepping out in a variety of colors, prints, and textures. She's even gone full matchy-matchy, coordinating this accessory with her dress.

Voluminous Dresses

Credit: Getty Images

We still audibly gasp whenever Rihanna walks the red carpet in a massive, tent-like gown, but to be honest, we shouldn't. This style icon has been wearing voluminous designs since the beginning of her career, and she's never afraid to full cupcake (in the most glamorous, enviable way) at major events.

Bra Tops

Credit: Getty Images

Doesn't it make sense that the woman behind Savage X Fenty has been working lingerie into her everyday outfits for years? Whether it's something embellished, bralette style, or slightly sheer design complete with cutouts, a playful bra is one of RiRi's wardrobe staples.

Colorful Sunglasses

Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna has quite the collection of sunglasses, and while she doesn't mind basic black, some of our favorite fashion moments have been when she's color blocked or coordinated her shades with the rest of her look.


Credit: Getty Images

Which suit style do you prefer: classic with a bowtie, somewhat sporty with a leg stripe, or oversized with matching shoes? Rihanna has truly tried it all — and nailed the look, every time.

Strappy Heels

Credit: Getty Images

Hey, we like what we like — and, clearly, Rihanna doesn't like boring shoes. If the design features a strap that loops around and crawls up the leg, she's down to pair it with everything from flirty fit-and-flares to jeans.


Credit: Getty Images

This woman has schooled us when it comes to doing denim-on-denim. No, really — seeing how she went from a chambray shirt and jeans to a full matching set with shoes proves she is the jeans queen. No combo seems too outrageous whenever she wears it, inspiring us to think outside the box.


Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna has no shortage of eye-catching and unusual items in her closet, but she can go classic, too. Case in point: her love of pink dresses, which have seemingly been part of her look since day one. With this particular piece, the trick is not to overthink it. Ri keeps the accessories to a minimum, letting this sweet style steal the spotlight.

Choker Necklaces

Credit: Getty Images

Pearls, diamonds, sleek black options — if there's one necklace Rihanna can't quit, it's the choker. Somehow, whenever she wears this '90s staple, we almost forget it's also a throwback. She keeps it fresh by going big and bold, coordinating it with the rest of her outfit, and often making it the focal point of the look.

Matching Jackets

Credit: Getty Images

Sweater sets became a major fashion trend in 2020, but Rihanna has been perfecting the trend for a decade." She's been matching her jacket to her shirts and dresses for a bit now, showing us that a monochromatic outfit is never a bad idea.