Rihanna Wore a Beanie to the Met Gala

And made her relationship with ASAP Rocky red carpet official.

As celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Whoopi Goldberg made their way up the hallowed stairs of the Met Gala this year, there was one thing on everyone's mind — even red carpet co-host Keke Palmer. Where was Rihanna? She posed the question to a few of her guests, who all said that they were waiting with bated breath to see what RiRi would bring to the carpet after her bright yellow Guo Peo gown and her papal Margiela look.

When Rihanna did make her presence known at the gala, fans had already seen peeks of her look on social media, where videos appeared of her wearing a beanie over a shimmering headpiece and what looked like a huge jacket. Some speculated that there'd be a big reveal when she arrived at the big event alongside her beau ASAP Rocky, everything in the videos was there, down to the. beanie. The jacket did have a traditional gown silhouette, complete with a dramatic train and portrait collar — and Rihanna did add some sparkle with a shimmering choker.

Rihanna Met Gala 2021
Photo by John Shearer/WireImage

Rihanna always understands the assignment when it comes to the Gala, so the look could be a way for her to embody this year's theme, which celebrates American fashion. While other guests shrugged off the question of how their ensembles fit within the Met's exhibit, Ri skipped out on the interviews, so fans may have to wait for an explanation.

But the night did have another big moment: it was the first time that Ri and Rocky hit a red carpet together, putting rumors to rest, though the double dates were probably enough for everyone to figure out that the two were the real deal.

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