Rihanna Had the Best Comeback for a Critic Who Called Her Out for Being Late to Dior's Runway Show

Haven't you ever heard of being fashionably late?

Photo: Getty Images

When you have reached the level of stardom, fame, and success that Rihanna has, there are several things in life that are granted to you without question — a lifetime supply of lingerie, eternal bad gal status, and a pardon when you're running a few minutes behind. Besides can't we cut Ri some slack? The girl is busy. Oh, and let's not forget that she also has a baby on the way.

So, when a lingerie-clad, pregnant Rihanna walked into the Dior Fall/Winter 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week and was criticized by an onlooker for being fashionably late, she had the best response. "You're late," someone called to RiRi as she walked in surrounded by bodyguards and paparazzi, which was all captured in this clip that has already garnered over 7.6 million views.

"No shit," the icon replied as she cradled her bump and looked over her shoulder at the anonymous troll.

Despite her tardiness, the beauty mogul's entrance was worth the wait. She showed up to the runway event in a sheer black negligee trimmed in lace and paired with patent leather sky-high boots. It's clear that Rih is not giving up her bad gal style just because she's expecting. Last month, she opened up to People about how dressing up has made her feel sexy since becoming pregnant.

"I'm enjoying not having to worry about covering up my tummy. If I feel a little chubby, it's like, whatever! It's a baby!" she told the publication. "Right now, being pregnant, some days you just feel like, 'Ugh, I just want to lay here on this couch all day.' But when you put on a little face and a little lipstick, you transform." Staying true to her badass persona, she added, "You put some clothes on, and it's like, when you look good, you feel good. I've heard that for a very long time, but it's true. It really can get you up off that couch and make you feel like a bad bitch."

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