Rihanna Wore an Extreme Miniskirt in the Dead of Winter

Temperatures lower, and RiRi's hemlines just get higher.

Typically, when temperatures dip lower so do hemlines. But Rihanna doesn't follow this fashion rule, and instead, she does the exact opposite.

On Friday, the singer stepped out wearing the tiniest miniskirt in the dead of winter while heading to the Basquiat exhibit at Christie's in New York City alongside her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. The purple metallic mini matched her heeled knee-high boots and sunglasses, and she paired the look with a black T-shirt and layered gold necklaces. The only item offsetting the winter chill was an oversized red, white, and purple puffer coat lined in faux fur that she threw on over her outfit.

A$AP, for his part, dressed for the weather and wore plaid wool coat with gloves and a scarf.

Though, it's understandable for Rihanna to delay a pivot in her wardrobe. Earlier this week, the singer visited her native Barbados, where the temperatures are still balmy. On Monday night, the Caribbean country officially became a republic and inaugurated their first-ever president Dame Sandra Mason, and during the ceremony, Rihanna was honored with National Hero Award. For the occasion, she went braless underneath an orange Bottega Veneta silk gown and accessorized with lace-up stilettos and earrings that resembled sun rays.

Clearly, she's still in a summer state of mind.

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