Rihanna Was Reportedly Denied Entry Into a Bar Because She Forgot Her ID

The bouncer claimed he didn't know her, or her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky.

It's okay to break the rules, sometimes. Case in point: When Rihanna, international superstar, wants to enter your establishment for a chill date night, but forgot her ID at home. One NYC bouncer, however, didn't get this memo.

This week, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were both reportedly denied entry at the Brooklyn bar Barcade while hitting the town together for a rare public date, because they didn't have any identification on hand. Sure, laws exist for a reason — but come on, it's Rihanna.

A video of the baffling incident began to circulate online, and outrage from fans took over Twitter.

Others, on the other hand, jokingly came to the bouncer's defense, revealing that just like them, he is also waiting on Rihanna's next album and purposely wouldn't let her in.

Clearly, that wasn't the case, and the couple was eventually allowed into the bar, where they sipped cocktails, played arcade games, and engaged in some PDA. The evening marked one of the first times RiRi and Rocky were spotted being affectionate in public, as they allegedly exchanged kisses once inside.

The pair officially went public with their relationship in December, and just last month, A$AP called Ri "the love of my life" and "my lady" during an interview with GQ. "[It's] so much better when you got 'the one,'" he told the magazine about being in a relationship with the singer. "She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know. She's the one."

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