Rihanna Does Mani-Pedis With Her Niece on a Chill Friday Night

Rihanna - September 30, 2016
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Rihanna has been known to spend Friday nights out on the town, but she's not opposed to having a quiet night in, either. The 28-year-old singer skipped the club last night and had a girls' night with her niece, and the pictures are too cute!

The "Work" songstress shared a few images of her low-key Friday night on Instagram. The first post is a video that shows Rihanna, sans makeup, sitting with her niece—the two are painting their nails a pretty shade of light purple. In the clip, you can hear the singer, whose hair looks gorgeous in its natural texture, giving tips to her niece, saying, "Wipe off some [polish]. You've got too much."

The second picture is a cute shot of Rihanna's niece painting her toenails, using a rolled up paper towel as a toe separator. Rihanna captioned the image with "aunty Oh Na Na taught me #Majesty."

Rihanna has always doted on her niece, and it seems to be tradition that the two ladies get their nails painted together. A few weeks ago, the singer posted an Instagram of the duo headed to the salon. Her niece is rocking a cute cat ear headband as Rihanna carries her. The image is captioned with "her majesty and I, off to her nail appointment."

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