Remy Ma InStyle - Lead - 2016
Credit: Kyleen James

For Remy Ma, deciding to collaborate with Fat Joe on a brand new album was a no-brainer—especially given how comfortable she is with the rapper. “Working with Joe is like working with your older brother that was hard on you your whole childhood, and now he's trying to be nice to make up for it,” she told InStyle during a recent visit to our New York City offices. “So it's cool because I'm like the little sister and I get away with stuff—but at the same time, whenever he thinks he wants to put his foot down, he goes into big brother role. He and my husband are pretty much besties now, and they constantly gang up on me.”

When the pair hit the studio to record their new 12-song album, Plata o Plomo—which drops today—it was a full-on family affair. “Literally everyone in the studio was related,” she said. “It was just like a family get-together where everyone's showcasing their talent—the kids dance, there’s an uncle that sings or plays an instrument. It was kind of like that, and we just got in there and knocked it out.”

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While the rapper duo may have had plenty of official relatives on hand in the studio, they bonded with the rest of the artists they collaborated with along the way. “Ty Dolla $ign is just like family now, too,” said Remy Ma. “And we worked with a lot of people that were close to us, like French Montana. He's the brother that does all the evil stuff that you're like, ‘You need a co-partner?’ That's French. He FaceTimes me on the beach with mad girls twerking, like ‘Sis, look where I'm at!’ because he knows it irritates me.”