We Asked, You Tweeted: See Readers Pose With Drew Barrymore's InStyle Cover!

Drew Selfie
Photo: @shopjenniferhaley

We were so excited when September cover girlDrew Barrymore sent us a photo (above) with her new cover -- our largest issue ever! -- that we asked you to do the same by Tweeting your pictures @InStyle with the hashtag #DrewInStyle. We received so many snapshots of our dear readers holding the issue that we wanted to show you off, too. Click through the gallery to see some of our favorite #DrewInStyle selfies (and a couple adorable baby selfies!), plus read what these fans love most about our September cover girl.

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Drew Selfie

“Oh, you know, just enjoying some gelato in the park with my pal Drew.”
-Kristen, @kaymaldo

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Drew Selfie

“I have watched Drew grow up on screen ever since 'E.T.' She has such an effortless style and always radiates a sense of cool. Oh, and I want her outfit on page 632!”
-Florencia, @WithinStudio

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Drew Selfie

“Drew’s positive outlook on life is very inspiring. She's a beauty who isn't afraid to play with and change up her look. We're fans of Drew for so many reasons!”
-Anne amp Ashley, @drewseum

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Drew Selfie

“When I was fourteen, I watched 'Mad Love,' and was taken by Drew from that moment. Last year, my husband David even bought me the same yellow Volkswagen Beetle Drew drives in the movie. She’s very much my role model.”
-Krista, @damkam9

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Drew Selfie

“The hurdles that Drew has overcome and the distance she continues to go is something that truly inspires me and will keep me a fan for many years to come!”
-Kent, @drewsevolution

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Drew Selfie

“Being a teenage girl in a world with so much pressure to be perfect, it can be hard to find a good role model. My sister and I look up to Drew Barrymore—her hilarious sense of humor, amazing sense of style and class has taught me that all I need to be is myself.”
-Samantha, @KCMunoz

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Drew Selfie

“Drew seems so fun and down to earth. I've never seen a movie with her that I haven't liked!"
-Cortney, @CortneyRoles

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Drew Selfie

“My daughter and I met Drew a couple summers ago, and she was as sweet, gracious, and humble as I had ever imagined her to be! It will always be one of my greatest memories.”
-Helena, @dddotgirl

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Drew Selfie

"Scarlet Harper, my little fashionista."
-Ashley Paige, @ashleypaige134

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Drew Selfie

"Zoey Rae enjoying her 10 month birthday while reading the September issue."
-Jennifer Haley Zeisler, @shopjenniferhaley

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