Oh, Nothing, Just a Hot Guy from Some Netflix Shows You Forgot Also Starred in 'Degrassi'

Hi, Raymond Ablack.

'Scuse me, do you have a moment for a hot man? You do? Great.

Twitter — specifically the side of Twitter that follows the official Netflix account — singled out Raymond Ablack, the character actor best known as the adorable beta male hero in multiple Netflix shows (think John Krasinski before he started doing action films) as a hot man who is flying under the radar when in fact he should be all over the radar. He should be crushing the radar. The radar should be broken because the weight of the Raymond Ablack fandom is just too heavy to bear!

Raymond Ablack

Exhibit 1: Here is Raymond as Joe, the shy coffee shop owner in Ginny & Georgia, the Gilmore Girls-but-make-it-woke comedy for the TikTok generation. Joe loves to flirt with Georgia (Brianne Howey), and has more than a little crush on her, and isn't it so adorable when he doesn't want to come across as a pushy alpha so he's just so perfectly sweet and charming all the time? He's just a hipster Canadian in a chambray shirt who loves farm fresh produce and giving job opportunities to local teens!

Exhibit 2: The aforementioned Netflix tweet shows Nate, the usually Tech Vest-wearing engineer simping for Maid's Alex (Margaret Qualley), in one of Alex's fantasies of him as the kind of shirtless cowboy that exists only in romance novels. In Maid, an adaptation of Stephanie Land's memoir of the same name, which Netflix released on October 1, Ablack not only plays the Good Guy Next Door with a secretly hot bod, he plays the charming single dad, too. Hot!

Raymond Ablack

Bonus points if you also recognize him as Sav from Degrassi, the extremely Canadian teen drama that aired in the 2000s.

Could 2021 be to Ablack what 2010 was for his Degrassi co-star Drake? We're rooting for you, Ray.

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