Rashida Jones Just Launched the Coolest Jewelry Collection

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The always stylish Rashida Jones just launched a jewelry collection and we want every single piece. She partnered with Iconery, an online jewelry retailer that uses technology like 3D printing, to create a line of 11 pieces with a retro vibe.

"I love jewelry because it's an intimate and original expression of who you are," Jones tells InStyle. "There has been a lot of delicate jewelry and I got a little fatigued. I wanted to do stuff that was bolder and more reminiscent of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. I also miss the symbolism of jewelry because people originally wore it to keep them safe, protect them, and unite them. No time is better than right now to have some kind of unspoken protection and a reminder that we're all one thing. The ankh and the hamsa both represent protection, unity, and power. We used both of them in the collection."

The team at Iconery also gave her freedom in the design process. "They just let me go and found ways to execute what I wanted, which was so nice," Jones says. "They explained to me the technical parameters that I'd have to design, but for the most part, they just let me run with it."

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As for her favorite piece in the collection? "It's the square ring," she tells us, pictured above. "This was the last thing to come together and I love how flat it is. It's architectural and has nice lines. It feels like a museum piece."

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With the holidays fast approaching, Jones has a few pieces in mind to gift to her friends (pictured above). "I really like the mariner bracelet," she says. "It's really light and I feel like everyone would like that. Or maybe the huggies or the studs. Earrings are always really nice because people have so many ear holes now—you can give two earrings and just contribute to their collection."

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Shop the Rashida Jones x Iconery fine jewelry collection today, exclusively on Iconery.com.

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