Rachel Roy's Travel Diary: Exploring Galápagos Islands

Rachel Roy's Daughter
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Rachel Roy enjoyed some fun in the sun as she took a trip to the beautiful Galápagos Islands and, luckily, she shared with InStyle all of the special moments from the unforgettable experience.

The fashion designer didn’t leave a detail out from her travel diary. During the thrilling expedition she captured everything from her go-to beachwear style to the adorable sea lions. And even more exciting: She witnessed a volcanic eruption. Roy’s trip to the Pacific islands was nothing short of an exciting adventure. You’ll be ready to pack your bags and whip out your passport after taking a peek into her enchanting Galápagos visit.

PHOTOS: Rachel Roy Exploring the Galápagos Islands

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Almost Ready to Go

Rachel Roy On The Jet

Time to put the emails away...adventure 2015 awaits!

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Can't Travel Alone

Rachel Roy's Daughter

Got my #1 travel partner with me at all times, Ava!

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Travel Must-Haves

rachel roy's travel must haves

The Justin's dark chocolate snacks were a favorite with both Ava and myself.

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What I'm Reading

Rachel Roy's Book

And were off! Borrowed a friend's book for the flight to Ecuador.

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Our Travel Route

Rachel Roy's Map

One of the rare times I will be traveling straight across the Equator line!

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We Finally Made It

Rachel Roy Galapagos Scenery

Paradise found: The Galápagos Islands!

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Ready to Explore

Rachel Roy

Backpack ✓ waterproof convertible jacket ✓ sunglasses ✓ ready to run from the thousands of Marine Iguanas!

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Take a Closer Look

Take a Closer Look

Sea lions swimming joyfully & worry free behind us.

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A New Friend

Rachel Roy and Sea Lion

No the sea lion is not dead, just resting, lol! So at ease with humans because the Galápagos Islands protects the environment with amazing conservation laws!

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...But First a Selfie

Rachel Roy

Seal Lion Selfies!

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All Hands On Deck

Rachel Roy On the Boat

Set sail, best past time while not at anchor..hottubbing!

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Rachel Roy Food

Fuel! Lunch is served on the upper deck sunny side everyday!

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Ava's top travel picks

Rachel Roy's Daughter travel picks

Mix-n-match swim and waterproof camera case, yes please!

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Suited Up

Rachel Roy and Ava

Mikoh swimsuit put to good use with amazing views!

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Delicious Dessert

Rachel Roy Food

While in paradise indulge!

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Another Essential

Rachel Roy Caftan

Every vacation deserves a good caftan. This was captured moments after we sailed past an erupting volcano under the stars.

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More Wild-life

Rachel Roy Sting Rays

These rare creatures float by like flying birds of the ocean, graceful and angelic- stingrays.

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My Bundle of Joy

Rachel Roy's Daughter

So proud of my girl, she snorkeled with penguins, sea lions, sea turtles and saw the complete circle of life, from plankton to sharks...blessed!

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