Rachel Bloom Wants to Wear Jorts on the Red Carpet

Rachel Bloom wants to start a new red carpet trend, and she could be onto something. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star is a big fan of jorts, specifically one knee-length pair from Gap. Not on board yet? Listen to her make her case in this week’s episode ofDirty Laundry with InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown.

“These are very special to me. These are jorts. They’re stretchy jorts. They adhere to your body,” she explains in the hilarious video at top.

Rachel Bloom, Laura Brown
Heather Hawke

“The other thing is you can roll them up and they become something called shorts. Also, they’re so comfortable. I really love going to amusement parks. These are my stock amusement park pants. They’re really good for water rides because they dry real quick. And they make me look sporty but, ‘I’m fun!’”

“Maybe I’ll wear jorts on the next carpet,” the funny lady adds. Watch the full video on PeopleTV, where Bloom shows Brown all of the nostalgic items she just can’t stand to get rid of.

Stretchy, comfortable, and quick to dry—what’s not to love?

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