By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

In case you didn't know: Rachel Bilson can sing!

Entertainment Tonight snagged a clip from Nashville’s upcoming episode in which the O.C. alum shows off her pipes during a local karaoke night—and we must say, we’re impressed by what we heard.

In Thursday’s episode, Bilson’s character is encouraged to take the stage, and after reluctantly agreeing, she sings a charming rendition of Ray Charles’s “You Don’t Know Me.”

Girl can carry a tune!

We’ve been seeking spoilers about the actress’s guest arc since she posted a cute reunion pic with her current and former co-star, Chris Carmack—the pair shared a set on The O.C.’s first season as well as Nashville’s fifth.

Bilson, 35, teased the possibility of her character singing on the show to ET in July, telling the source, “My character might get drunk enough to [sing]. That might happen.”

Encore, Rachel! Watch it above.

P.S.: Nashville execs, if you’re listening, next time Bilson’s character gets drunk, how about belting The O.C.’s theme song? "CALIFORNIAAAAA!"