What Happens Now That the Queen Has Died?

Here's everything you need to know.

The entire world is mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at 96 years old.

At the moment of her death, Charles officially became king of England. However, there's still a lot that has to happen before the pomp and circumstance of his coronation.

Royal biographer Penny Juror told Town & Country that the queen's death was a "traumatic" event for Britain and that certain protocol will go into play now that the entire country is going through a transition of power." The Queen is such a tremendously popular figure and during the course of her reign, so much has changed so dramatically," Juror said before Elizabeth's passing. "There's not an aspect of life that hasn't changed, but the one constant in the midst of this has been the Queen, the rock-solid thing we can hang on to."

Queen Elizabeth II
Dan Kitwood - WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to The Telegraph, Buckingham Palace has extensive plans in place for everything regarding the queen's funeral and the succession, which has been granted the code-name "Operation London Bridge."

Part of the immediate plans includes a 12-day period of national mourning to be observed in Britain. Presumably, the monarch's body will lie in repose in Westminster Hall, as the queen's mother did in 2002, so the public can pay its respects. The Archbishop of Canterbury will lead the actual funeral which will be held at either Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's Cathedral, and multiple reports state that she will be laid to rest at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

As the queen's eldest son, Prince Charles would automatically become king. "He has been preparing all his life," Juror added. "It should be reassuring that there will be a familiar face taking the queen's place." While that may comfort many, the fact that there's no set schedule for a coronation may keep the public on edge.

"This is not mere negligence," The Telegraph reports. "There is an element, almost, of bad taste in getting into detail. There is also a risk that any plans made now would leak and cause trouble or be overtaken by later events." Other details involved with the transition include changing the portraits on banknotes, changing the national anthem to "God Save The King," and Charles would officially become head of the Commonwealth.

Business Insider adds that politically, a lot could happen after Elizabeth's death. For example, Australia has been seeking independence from the Commonwealth for some time, so changes abroad could come fast and hard when Charles ascends to the throne.

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