By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jul 13, 2018 @ 11:45 am

As a royal, it pretty much goes without saying that Queen Elizabeth has access to a substantial amount of money, but the exact figures aren't necessarily readily available to the public. Sure, we hear about $2 million clothing budget increase, and we hear about Meghan Markle's pre-Prince Harry salaries, but we truthfully don't talk about the royals and wealth that often. All the more reason to take a closer look.

Shall we?

Turns out, Queen Elizabeth's net worth is at least a whopping $530 million, according to Forbes, and it's only growing. The entire royal family has an estimated net worth of more than a billion dollars, but the queen's own funds come primarily from the Crown Estate, which is a real estate portfolio given to the reigning monarch.

Queen Elizabeth net worth lead
Credit: WPA Pool

Because the Crown Estate is tied directly to her job, technically the queen doesn't actually own properties held by the estate (bummer). She does benefit from them though. Fifteen percent of the income from the Crown Estate goes toward her expenses, and this "Sovereign Grant" allowance is what pays for Queen Elizabeth's receptions and garden parties.

Some outlets like Reader's Digest actually pinpoint the queen's net worth at about $550 million, but it seems to hover in that general area regardless of the specific outlet reporting the figure. As the monarch of her country though, Queen Elizabeth is also given an annual government stipend, which RD estimates at about $12.9 million a year.

It's a salary quite literally fit for a queen.