Queen Elizabeth's Former Page Boy Is Flaunting His Hunky, Muscly Bod Again

Kids these days!

Arthur Chatto, the son of Queen Elizabeth’s niece, Lady Sarah Chatto, was only 13 when the Queen tapped him as a page boy for the 2012 Order of the British Empire ceremony. Then, he was young, sweet, and innocent, and now, the 18-year-old royal is evidently coming into his own.

We discovered Chatto’s Instagram account back in July, when he shared hunky shirtless photos on the social media platform. But this week, we’ve learned he’s back at it again, surprisingly followers with (you guessed it) more hunky photos.

In September, he shared an image of himself and a friend enjoying the shores in Edinburgh shirtless. “Finish freshers with a brisk Scottish swim,” he wrote.

And on Tuesday, he shared a selfie of himself standing in front of the mirror, showing off ripped biceps and a toned torso. “You should not be able to see my nipple,” he cheekily wrote.

Thought the shot would be shirtless? Don’t worry. Here’s that picture from July.

Only one question begs to be answered: What does the Queen think?

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