And she did it while eating hot wings.

By Christopher Luu
Jan 29, 2021 @ 2:26 pm

Nothing gets celebrities talking like a gauntlet of spicy chicken. Sean Evans, the host of First We Feast's Hot Ones, has proved it again and again. In her latest appearance on the popular show, Priyanka Chopra Jonas — she previously took on the challenge, sort of, when she and Evans appeared on The Tonight Show — spoke about how scared she was to appear on the series (she saw what happened to her husband, Nick Jonas) and ended up admitting that her most "obnoxious" clothing purchase wasn't actually for her.

"What's the most ridiculous piece of clothing that you've purchased for your Instagram-famous dog, Diana?" Evans asked as they chowed down on the wings. By then, the two were more than halfway through the hot sauce selection and Chopra was definitely sweating and tearing up.

"Her first Moncler jacket was definitely an obnoxious purchase," she said.

Chopra also spoke about her other fashion moves, including her first foray into athleisure at the Georgio Armani fashion show, her now-iconic Met Gala trench coat courtesy of Ralph Lauren, and her fleeting attempt to have the world's longest train.

Evans mentioned Chopra's 75-foot wedding veil, which required a team of 25 people to wrangle, but Chopra said that although it was impressive, it didn't even come close to breaking a world record.

"If we're going to do a large one, it's going to have to be the largest in the world," Chopra said of her appointment with Ralph Lauren for her wedding dress. "Which is why it was so big, but it wasn't the largest in the world. The largest in the world was some woman, some 15 football fields, just recently. So, I gave up on that fight."

And while it didn't break any world records, Chopra recently recounted a story of a dress that literally broke at the Cannes Film Festival.

"I may look chill on the outside here, but little did everyone know I had just been freaking out on the inside," she shared on Instagram. "The delicate zipper to this vintage @roberto_cavalli dress broke as they were zipping it up minutes before I had to leave for the red carpet at Cannes last year."