Priyanka Chopra Says Her Perfect Jean Is One That Fits Her, Not The Other Way Around

The actress, who stars in Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans' newest campaign, shares what she looks for when shopping for denim, along with how she'd style three tricky pairs.

Priyanka Chopra Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Campaign
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If there's one thing Priyanka Chopra will never do, it's sacrifice comfort for style.

"I have no interest in wearing anything uncomfortable — like, even remotely uncomfortable," the multi-hyphenate tells InStyle over a zoom call promoting Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans' new campaign, of which Chopra is the face. "Even if I'm on a carpet. I need even my red carpet looks to be comfortable. I think that's how the world feels right now."

It's comfort, the award-winning actress says, that drew her to the Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans — that, and the brand's legacy. It was originally founded by designer and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and businessman Mohan Murjani in 1976, a time when jeans were predominantly sold as one-size-fits-all and rarely designed for a woman, let alone designed by a woman.

Needless to say, Vanderbilt became an authority in women's jeans and a trendsetter and pioneer in the fashion industry. That alone drew Chopra to the partnership. Putting on the jeans sealed the deal.

Priyanka Chopra Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Campaign

"I was mindblown. Like, of course, it was a woman," Chopra says of Gloria Vanderbilt denim. "Look at how it cinches me, look at how it looks on me. I can spend all day in [Gloria Vanderbilt] jeans and not feel annoyed, you know? It's the worst when you wear an uncomfortable pair of jeans and none of these do that."

The label's latest campaign is entitled "I HAVE NEEDS. FIT THEM" and encourages the Gloria Vanderbilt customer to challenge the unprincipled expectation that a woman should and will conform to the world around her.

"Women and girls are always told that we have to conform to society's needs or people's needs of us, and we kind of always cater to that," Chopra says of the campaign's relevance to modern-day society, as well as the beliefs of society in the past. "It's okay to think about your needs and to ask the world to conform to what you need." Starting with jeans that fit you, not the other way around.

Priyanka Chopra Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Campaign

For Chopra, that could translate to either a pair of high-waisted boot cut, flare, or wide-leg that cinch at the waist and give just the right amount of booty support.

"They have to fit in the right places, and I can move the way I want, and I can wear them from day to night. That's what I want from my jeans." One pair of jeans the new mom is not interested in, though, is the dreaded low-rise. "I see people wearing them and I'm like, I'll skip over that one."

Below, Chopra breaks down three of her favorite ways to style jeans. Read on to find out how you can twin with The Matrix Resurrections actress, then log on to to find jeans that fit your needs.

Priyanka Chopra Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Campaign

High-waisted, wide-leg jeans are part of Chopra's everyday uniform.

Chopra loves high-waisted flares for their "beautiful fit," and their versatility.

"With a white shirt, they can go from day to night," she tells us. "You can have fun putting on a blazer over it and go to work. Then you open up a button, put on some jewelry and a pair of high heels, and you're ready to go out at night."

Bootcut jeans and heels offer the length she loves.

Chopra says a key part of her process when it comes to picking out an outfit is thinking about her body and how she wants to be perceived in the clothes she wears. For her, that means accentuating the length of her leg with either a bootcut or flare jean with a heel.

"And because [these types of jeans are] mostly fitted, you can wear a looser top, you can wear a crop top, a midriff-showing sweatshirt, and wear it with sneakers. That's a super cute look."

Priyanka Chopra Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Campaign

She makes wide-leg jeans casual-cool.

If low-key is your look of choice, you'll love these next looks from Chopra, whose outfit of choice outside of all things denim consists of sweats, sweats, and more sweats.

"I think if you're doing a wide-leg jean, you could wear a sweatshirt and sneakers and look really cool. But at the same time, you can do like a tank top with a wide-leg jean and do big wedges underneath them, with hoop earrings and big sunglasses. That's fun too!"

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