Who's the real star?

By Christopher Luu
Feb 01, 2021 @ 5:35 pm

If you weren't aware, Priyanka Chopra's latest release is Netflix's White Tiger, a tale of clever entrepreneurship, capitalism, and a rich Indian family's driver. In her latest Instagram post, however, it's tough to tell who the star of the movie really is, since Chopra is twinning — and looking full-on amazing — with her internet-famous dog, Diana Chopra Jonas, who has a very fashionable and meme-able account at @diariesofdiana.

"A white tiger and her cub," Chopra captioned the photo, which shows both Chopras wearing white tiger print. Priyanka's dress features the bold pattern on a high-neck, long-sleeve silhouette. She finished the look with strappy shoes and very now tiny shades. Diana is showing off in a white tiger-print bandana and matching leash. No red carpet necessary, these two managed to drum up excitement for the movie without a huge event. Chopra also tagged her stylist, Law Roach, in the caption. 

Priyanka mentioned Diana during an appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans, saying that a specific coat was her most obnoxious fashion purchase.

"What's the most ridiculous piece of clothing that you've purchased for your Instagram-famous dog, Diana?" Evans asked.

"Her first Moncler jacket was definitely an obnoxious purchase," Priyanka answered, implying that in addition to coordinating bandanas, Diana has an entire wardrobe of Moncler dog jackets to choose from when she steps out.