Is this the new dress shoe?

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As the year wraps up, we have to admit: 2020's fashion choices were pretty much all over the place.

Matching sweatsuits and stirrup leggings were just as popular as PVC pants and the sexy, celeb-approved bracket trend. We entered a new phase of matching our masks to our outfits, but also brought back nostalgic trends such as butt fashion. And now, to prove that anything goes, Priyanka Chopra is trying to convince us to swap out our heels for an unexpected and high-debated shoe choice: Crocs.

Instagram / @priyankachopra
| Credit: Instagram/priyankachopra

According to Chopra's Instagram caption, the actress was tasked with presenting the brand Footwear News' 2020 Brand of the Year award. "I’m proud to present @crocs with FN’s much deserved 2020 Brand of the Year award," she wrote alongside a photo. "Croc’s prioritizes the well being of others, and in the face of adversity, this brand and their leadership stepped up to deliver comfort and confidence when we needed it most. A special thank you to @luxurylaw for customizing this amazing pair of Croc’s for me, I’m obsessed!"

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We can't argue that this has been the quarantine shoe. Aside from the comfort factor, which made it the perfect choice for healthcare workers who are putting in long hours during the pandemic, Crocs are easy to slip on for a quick errand or an outdoor hang. There have been a handful of fun Crocs collaborations this year, and influencers and editors alike have latched onto the quirky designs, including printed pairs.

Chopra took things to a whole new level, wearing a custom-made platform and embellished black design with a flowy black dress. Sure, we've often skipped out on wearing painful sky-high stilettos to events, trading them in for ballet flats, loafers, chunky boots, or babydoll shoes. But, adding crocs to that list of fancy footwear? Well, it's up for debate, that's for sure.

Of course, 2021 is full of possibility, and we've already begun warming up to the idea of mixing glamorous outfits with questionable — but cute, in a quirky way! — shoes. Considering how great Ugg boots can look with dresses and skirts, and how well Chopra pulls off those dressed-up Crocs, we're down to give it a try, too.