Priyanka Chopra is now on Bumble.

Bumble Bizz, that is. The app expanded into platonic matchmaking with Bumble BFF earlier this year, and its latest tool marks its foray into the world of professional networking. Bizz—accessible within the regular Bumble app—lets you swipe through a virtual Rolodex of potential mentors or mentees that now includes the likes of Chopra, Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, and InStyle's Laura Brown. A mutual swipe right launches a private message, just like on your favorite dating platforms.

As for Chopra? She's looking for mentors too. "I’m branching out as a producer myself, and I think it would be really cool to meet female executives," the Quantico star told InStyle. She finds the Bumble model empowering for women—plus she's a make-the-first-move kind of gal herself. Before heading to an N.Y.C. dinner that she's co-hosting tonight to celebrate the launch of Bumble Bizz, Chopra gave us a call to share her career advice, date night beauty secrets, and why she's obsessed with Blake Lively's style.

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Why did you join Bumble Bizz?

It’s pretty cool to have an app which allows women to make the first move. It empowers women to take control of every aspect of their lives—because it gives us the opportunity to find professional, like-minded people around you and expand in a big way.

Can you recall a time when you made the first move?

I’m very different personally and professionally. I am very tenacious, driven, and ambitious. If I want something, I put it out there, and I treat it like business, but personally I’m a little shy [laughs], a little bit introverted. I drop hints instead of making the first move. You know, you laugh a little. A person can tell when you’re into them, I guess.

Did you have a mentor growing up?

I had various people who’ve come into my life. I can’t say there’s one person, except for my mother, who is a consistent mentor in my life. She’s a double MD, she’s a doctor, she owns two businesses, she knows six languages, she’s a licensed pilot—she’s an overachiever. [She] has really mentored me into being a fearless female.

Can she be my mentor too?! Who do you hope will approach you on Bizz?

I want to hear from people who want to change the game in entertainment, especially people who think of the bigger picture when it comes to diversity, gender, telling stories that are out of the box a little bit. It would be wonderful to meet people like that.

Your skin is always glowing. What's the one beauty product you never leave the house without?

Moisturizer. I like to moisturize very often in the day—but I switch it up every few months because I think your face also gets used to a particular product. Like now, I love Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum, and I use this other product called 111Skin. Their creams are amazing. My skin is very, very important to me. That’s the base of looking your best, when you wear make up or when you don’t.

What's your #1 beauty rule?

It takes five seconds. You have to take your make up off and cleanse your face before you go to bed. It’s one of the biggest, easiest tricks. Like, every ounce of make up. You have to put moisturizer, and you have to use an under-eye cream. Not too much, but it really, really helps in taking care of your skin.

Who’s your style crush right now?

I love Blake Lively and her style. She has this amazing, bold, and yet feminine perspective on clothes, and I just love the way she dresses. I love Zoë Kravitz, Zendaya. I think these girls really hold their own when it comes to having a point of view in their clothes.

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Which designers are you most excited by right now?

One would be Balmain. Armani, of course. There’s Bottega, there’s Ralph Lauren, who I’ve had incredible partnerships with. But I’m someone who really is about mixing high street with high fashion. You’ve got to be able to find whatever works for you.

What’s one of those favorite bargain fashion staples?

I think a great pair of jeans. I’m obsessed with my Mother jeans these days, and I have like every color and every kind. If you have a great pair of jeans, and you add some fun boots and a jacket to it, it can be a cool, everyday cool-girl uniform.

This interview has been edited and condensed.