Priyanka Chopra Says Nick Jonas Likes to Make This Unusual Sandwich for Brunch

You do you, guys.

Priyanka Chopra Bon Viv
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You're not the only one missing your weekend brunch plans and having an excuse to dress up in your most Instagram-worthy outfit for an afternoon at the trendiest spot in town. Just ask Priyanka Chopra. She tells InStyle that brunch is her favorite meal of the day, and even though it looks a little different these days, she's still making the most of it. "Our house is a brunch house," she says. "I usually [order] Postmates or my husband [Nick Jonas] makes amazing tuna sandwiches." (Is there anything he can't do?) It may not be the most traditional brunch order, but Chopra says the pair appreciates a more hearty brunch. "I love pancakes and chicken, and eggs are a big part of brunch in my house." And they love getting a little creative with their beverages of choice — we're talking a DIY cocktail bar and boozy popsicles.

Priyanka Chopra Bon Viv

She also just so happens to be BON V!V Spiked Seltzer's newly appointed and first-ever creative advisor, so they're stocked with lots of bubbly for brunch. Not to mention, tequila. (We assume that Jonas has plenty of Villa One — the tequila company he founded with designer John Varvatos — on hand.) And they have a lot to toast to these days. From their newborn niece to the privilege of being able to quarantine safely together, Chopra says she feels really lucky. "I remind myself every morning that the world is going through a crisis, but I am blessed that my friends and family are healthy and that I have the ability to socially distance and work from home." And the ability to throw delicious, at-home boozy brunches, of course.

And because she feels so fortunate, Chopra believes giving back is important not just now but always. "I feel like compassion and kindness is something that each one of us have, and we have to turn that intention into action," she says. So she combined her love for brunch and giving back by curating a Summer Brunch Box with the help of BON V!V — complete with dining accessories, trendy brunch décor, and materials to make her latest cocktail creation: the "Make Me Blush." Twenty percent of the proceeds will benefit CARE, an organization Chopra is passionate about.

"CARE has been dedicated to supporting women around the world for years, and I love that," she says. From her colleagues and other creative women in the industry to her mother and mother-in-law [Denise Jonas], Chopra says she has many inspirational women in her life. "It’s so amazing to be in a generation where we’re pulling each other up and creating opportunities for each other," she says. And brunching for a good cause is something we can get behind.

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