Prince William Said Charlotte's Birthday Festivities Were "Great Fun"

She turned 6 just two days ago.

Like just about everyone, Princess Charlotte had to celebrate her birthday last year under stay-at-home orders. However, things were a little different this year, according to Prince William. During a visit to Babcock Vehicle Engineering to check out a new prototype of ventilators, William took the opportunity to talk about the family's birthday festivities, which were a little different thanks to lifted lockdowns. Charlotte turned 6 just two days ago.

People reports that Jenna Jackson, Babcock's lead HR business partner, asked William how the royals celebrated Charlotte's birthday last weekend. He noted that they had one other family over, so while it wasn't exactly a huge party, it was a little more celebratory than last year.

"She had a lovely day, thank you," William said, according to Hello! "Last year, it was her birthday in lockdown, but this year we were able to have one other family over. They grow up very fast. It was great fun."

Princess Charlotte

To commemorate the big birthday, Kate Middleton and the royal family shared a snapshot of Charlotte, with many followers noting just how much she looked like her dad in the photo. And it's not the first time people have drawn the comparison. During a visit to the Khidmat Centre back in January, William was taken aback when he saw photos of himself as a child alongside current pictures of Charlotte.

"Is that me?" William asked as he saw the photos. "Because that looks just like Charlotte. That is incredible."

"It looks so much like Charlotte," Kate added.

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