Prince William Reportedly Swore in Public

Prince charming, who?

Emotions run high when live sports are involved. Whether it's watching a game on TV or in person, it's not uncommon to see fans shouting and screaming, completely engulfed by the agony and ecstasy of seeing teams win or lose. And just like any non-royal human, it would appear that Prince William is not immune to the high emotion of sport. In what some would consider behavior very unbecoming of the future King of England, William was heard swearing. While the rest of the world gets to drop profanity as they see fit, the internet is divided on whether or not it was OK for the Duke of Cambridge to do the same.

It all went down at Wimbledon, when William and Kate Middleton were in the stands (er, royal box?) watching the men's singles quarter-final match, which was a showdown between British player Cameron Norrie and Belgian David Goffin. According to Newsweek, Will dropped and F-bomb when Norrie lost a point.

Prince William Wimbledon 2022
Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

In a clip shared on Twitter, royal-watchers are convinced that William is saying, "No, no, no fuck it."

Comments seemed to be split between "no need for such language" and the polar opposite, with "good to know he's just a normal lad."

It's not the first time that William's decorum has come into question. Previous reports have royal insiders saying that he and his brother Prince Harry are known for their extreme mood swings. And when it comes to protecting his wife, William reportedly "flies off the handle" if and when anyone disrespects her. It's not exactly behavior fitting of a Disney prince, but like some of the people say, he's only human.

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