Hey Kids, Maybe Prince William Shouldn't Be the Soccer Goalie

Prince William Goalie
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You'd think Prince William would be capable of taking on any sport with finesse.

He skies with wife Kate Middelton. He plays polowith younger bro Prince Harry. He's taken a swing or two on the tennis court. And he's a prince for crying out loud. But sometimes, royalty and an athletic family aren't quite enough to make you a master at everything.

The Duke of Cambridge welcomed England's Lionesses soccer team to Kensington Palace on Thursday, where the women in uniform stopped by for a good-luck visit before their participation in the Women's Euro 2017 showdown. The team members looked excited to meet William, but was William nervous at all?

Later in the day, the royal caught up with children from the Wildcats Girls' Football program, an organization that helps girls between 5 and 11 love soccer (football, as they say in the U.K.) and improve overall. Basically, William took on the role of goalie as a young, burgeoning athlete took her turn at scoring.

Did she kill it? Guys, it's 2017. Of course she did. William hilariously shuffles from side to side with his arms wide open, waiting to see where the young little shooter aims. She shoots, she scores, he loses.

In fact, William actually admitted he's not the best at the sport and opened up to the players about his (lack of?) skills. "[Prince William] said, at the moment he's trying to teach George that football is actually a contact sport," player Casey Stoney told People. "But George doesn't really like it when he's palming him off and getting physical."

Stoney said the prince told her that he's encouraging both Princess Charlotte and George to get into sports and that the children were busy "making a ruckus in the garden" as Dad worked up a sweat on the soccer field on Thursday.

And during the day, William did manage to score one goal on midfielder Jill Scott. "He scored, so I'm a bit gutted to be honest. I was getting competitive," she said. "He was good. He was actually good."

Maybe "goalie" just isn't his position? See below:

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"I've almost got it!"

“I’ve almost got it!”
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"Nope. I don't got it."

“Nope. I don’t got it.”
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