Senior Family Members Will Not Be Wearing Their Military Uniforms to Prince Philip's Funeral

Prince Harry will no longer be the odd man out.

UPDATE 4/15/21 at 8 a.m.: It appears that Harry will actually not be the only one sans the military uniform at Prince Philip's funeral at Windsor Castle this weekend. While it is traditional for those who hold military rank to wear their uniforms at state occasions, according to ITV and the Daily Mail, none of the senior royal family members will be wearing their military uniforms. Instead, the royals will wear mourning dress. The service will be a ceremonial royal funeral, as opposed to a state funeral, which is typically reserved for monarchs.

Royal Military Uniforms
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Prince Harry might be something of an odd man out at his grandfather Prince Philip's funeral, which will take place at Windsor Castle this coming Saturday.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles. According to The Daily Mail, this means he cannot wear any of his military uniforms to the events for which such would be customary. That said, he might still be able to wear his medals to the funeral.

Prince Harry Likely Won't Be Able to Wear His Military Uniform to Prince Philip's Funeral
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Senior members of the royal family, including Prince William, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward, are expected to attend the funeral in uniform.

Prince Andrew may be another exception to the uniform rule, as his ties to Jeffrey Epstein forced him to step down from public life early last year. Still, he was never explicitly stripped of his military titles (though there have been plenty of calls for the queen to do so).

Ultimately, both Harry and Andrew's funereal attire relies on Queen Elizabeth's word. Buckingham Palace has yet to provide comment.

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