Prince Harry Was Reportedly Spotted Riding a Bike Alone

He appears to be adapting well to L.A. life.

Prince Harry appears to be settling into his new L.A. lifestyle now that he and Meghan Markle have made their move to the city.

Hollywood Life reported that a bystander spotted the Duke of Sussex biking by himself on Tuesday along the Pacific Coast Highway at Malibu’s Surfrider Beach.

"Harry was biking at Surfrider Beach aka First Point, where you see the surfers come in. He was alone, had a white biking outfit on with red and black and was, of course, wearing a helmet," the eyewitness said. "It appeared he was going to surf because he stopped to check out the waves. Harry really seems to be enjoying the post-royal life and being a normal Cali dude!"

The insider also added that Prince Harry was recognized by passersby thanks to his red hair, and said "he seemed totally at ease and normal."

Just a dad vibing out, no security guards in sight.

Unfortunately, no one got a photo of the moment, but with royal duties behind him, Prince Harry seems to be free to do normal person things — like riding a bike alone and picking up sandwiches.

What's next? Prince Harry spotted picking up groceries at Ralph's? Prince Harry waiting in line for brunch at Sqirl? Or do the Sussexes favor Chateau Marmont? Only time will tell.

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