Prince Harry Promised to Continue Mom Princess Diana's "Unfinished" Work in HIV Advocacy

Though he admitted, "I could never fill her shoes."

Prince Harry is committed to doing Princess Diana's "unfinished work." During a recent interview, the Duke of Sussex promised to continue his late mother's HIV advocacy.

To kick off National HIV Testing Week, Harry joined rugby star Gareth Thomas on a video call, where the duke urged other Brits to "go and get a test," before he added that he feels an "obligation" to continue Diana's powerful legacy.

Prince Harry
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"I could never fill her shoes, especially in this particular space, but because of what she did and what she stood for and how vocal she was about this issue… it's a converging of all these different pieces," he explained.

He went on to tell Thomas that his passion stems from meeting people suffering from the disease around the world — and of course his mom, who dedicated many years of her life to the cause. "Once you get to meet people and you see the suffering around the world, I certainly can't turn my back on that," Harry said. "Then add in the fact that my mum's work was unfinished, I feel obligated to try and continue that as much as possible."

The prince added that he wants to end the stigma that surrounds HIV testing. "Every single one of us has a duty, or at least an opportunity, to get tested ourselves or to make it easier for everybody else to get tested," he said. "And then it just becomes a regular thing like anything else."

"This testing week, especially in the UK, or wherever you are in the world, go and get a test," he continued. "Let people know that you know your status. Do it."

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