Prince Harry Reportedly Decided To Do the Oprah Interview After He Was Stripped of His Military Titles

The Duke of Sussex was allegedly "very cross."

Less than 24 hours after he was told he would have his military titles stripped, Prince Harry decided to do the bombshell Oprah interview that would shock the world and provide insight into his and wife Meghan Markle's experience with the royal family.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to take a step back from their royal duties, they knew they would lose some responsibility but Harry reportedly became "angry" after the queen stripped his military titles. After which he agreed to do the Oprah interview (though the reason he decided is likely multi-faceted).

"Harry and Meghan were very cross before Oprah because the final Megxit separation had just been signed off which included Harry not keeping military roles," a source told The Sun "That was what made him so angry. He's very emotional and his military roles were very important to him given that he served."

Prince Harry Allegedly Decided to Do the Oprah Interview After He Was Stripped of His Military Titles
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It was previously reported that the duke, who toured toured Afghanistan twice during his time in the military, was hoping to keep his military appointments, one of which included Captain-General of the Royal Marines, a rank passed down to him by his grandfather Prince Philip.

But the titles, which also included Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington in Suffolk and Commodore-in-Chief Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command, were given back to the queen in February 2021, which "devastated" the duke.

The interview, which aired March 7, 2021, revealed the mistreatment Harry and Meghan received from the royal firm, as well as accusations of racist remarks in the institute regarding the couple's child Archie and his future titles.

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