Prince Harry Talked About the "Immense" Difference Between How People View Therapy in California and the U.K.

"In the U.K. it's like, 'Therapist? What therapist?'"

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Prince Harry hasn't been shy about his work with mental health, but in a new interview, he focused on how different cultures look at going to therapy. Now that he's calling California home, he says that he can see a stark difference between how people view therapy and seeking mental health guidance back in England and how it's approached here across the pond. Harry spoke about his experiences with therapy on Reid Hoffman's podcast, Masters of Scale, today alongside BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux. Harry is currently the CIO — chief impact officer — of BetterUp, a firm that handles professional coaching, immersive learning, and more.

"As a born and raised Californian myself, we would tell jokes. 'Hey, my therapist will talk to your therapist,' as a way of building a connection. I'm aware that that is a very Californian perspective," Hoffman said on the podcast.

Harry said that it wasn't that way when he grew up in England and that it was a huge, eye-opening experience when he saw and felt how open people were with their mental health in California.

"You're absolutely right, Reid, about the cultural differences, they're immense. You talk about it here in California, 'I'll get my therapist to call your therapist.' Whereas in the U.K. it's like, 'Therapist? What therapist? Whose therapist? I don't have a therapist. No, I definitely don't, I've never spoken to a therapist.'"

Harry also spoke about his mental health journey when he spoke with Oprah Winfrey, explaining that at first, he was scared to even approach it, which could stem from how taboo the topic is in the U.K.

"I am one of the first people to recognize that firstly, I had a fear of — when I first went to therapy — a fear of losing," he said in The Me You Can't See, which he created with Winfrey. "It was meeting and being with Meghan, I knew that if I didn't do therapy and fix myself, that I was going to lose this woman who I could see spending the rest of my life with."

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