The Emotional Stages of Realizing Prince Harry Is Officially Off the Market

On Monday morning, Americans woke up to the news that Prince Harry is officially off the market and engaged to his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Not only is Markle from the U.S., she’s an actress on the hit legal drama Suits and a graduate of Northwestern University.

But after the initial excitement of another royal wedding on the way, the jealousy definitely sets in. If Prince Harry was going to marry a N.U. grad, I’d prefer it to be yours truly. Not to mention this means that all of the British royal family’s prime eligible bachelors are off the market.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Keep scrolling for the emotional stages of finding out that Prince Harry is a single man no more.

1. Excitement—there’s another royal wedding on the way!

2. Realizing that Prince Harry’s engagement means you can’t marry him yourself.

3. Trying to ignore it while going about your day.

4. But getting bombarded by the news everywhere you turn.

5. Doing your research and finding out that Meghan is actually freakin’ awesome.

6. And they look so happy together.

7. So in actuality, a royal engagement is good news.

8. And while we can’t have Prince Harry to ourselves, we’ll always have these GIFs.

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