Prince Charles and Camilla Had To Turn Off Their Twitter Comments

Fans of The Crown were getting very heated.

It's probably safe to assume that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles don't actually see their Twitter comments, but according to The Daily Mail, @ClarenceHouse, the official account of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, had to turn off commenting. Why? Blame Netflix's hit The Crown. The show's fourth season is chronicling the relationship between Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana, and Camilla.

While the show does pride itself on sticking to facts (for the most part), the fact that it's chronicling Charles's infidelity and combined with how Princess Diana is pretty much universally beloved is making for some fiery comments. A quick read of the comments show that many viewers clearly believe that everything on the show is 100% factual, though it never claims to be 100% accurate in its portrayal of Charles and Camilla's relationship and their alleged affair. The show asserts that the illicit romance happened throughout Charles's entire relationship with Diana. The Daily Mail notes that Charles and Camilla's romance didn't exist when he was married and that their relationship resumed in 1986, after his marriage to Diana had started to get rocky, something he confirmed in a TV documentary.

Camilla and Charles embed
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The comments on Charles and Camilla's recent tweets have now been limited. Currently, a message appears that says "People @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply." The sharing and liking features are still available.

One commenter wrote: "Almost everything in The Crown is true. And there is even more that hasn't been covered. How they isolated Diana, how they laughed at her, made her feel crazy, Camilla playing hostess in Diana's home."

Royal experts insist that the depiction of Charles and Camilla is an example of the show portraying the royal family with a clear bias to Diana and focus on sensationalism.

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith said, "I am very sad to say that I have heard it over, over and over again that people take The Crown at face value and they believe everything they see in the series, and that includes Charles and Camilla. The notion in the programme that he entered into his marriage cynically with a view to continuing with Camilla and putting his new wife on the side is exceedingly dishonest and damaging. It is just simply not true."

Trolls don't have to go far to get their jabs in, however. The Clarence House Instagram account hasn't disabled comments (yet). Anyone curious about exactly what sort of things are being hurled at the Prince of Wales can hop over to IG to check it out.

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