By Olivia Bahou
Feb 14, 2018 @ 10:30 am
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

When The Bachelorette frontrunner Peter Kraus went home without proposing to Rachel Lindsay last season, shippers nationwide—myself among them—were crushed. After he spent months competing for Rachel's heart, and convincing me, at least, that he was he was unequivocally the right choice for her, Rachel sent him home because he was unwilling to propose on the finale.

On the plus side, that meant Peter was freed up to become the next Bachelor. Bachelor nation rejoiced! Until he turned down the offer. Focused on his personal training business and his partnership with the friend-making app Hive, Kraus has decided not to take another stab at reality TV love.

But while he isn’t returning to the show, the Bachelorette alum hasn't lost his smooth moves. Kraus learned some sage dating advice while engaging in a fast and furious relationship, as millions of viewers watched at home. 

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“I learned to take more chances. Don’t be afraid to push the space a little bit. If you know you like something or want something, push for it,” he tells InStyle.

Kraus also stresses the importance of staying true to your personality, whether you’re dating on a reality show or in the privacy of a crowded bar. “Just be yourself. Don’t try to put on a front. It will come through at some point that that’s not who you are," he adds.

While Kraus says he's not dating at the moment, he knows exactly how he'd plan his ideal date. “I like it pretty simple, like a good dinner and good conversation. I don’t like to go to movies or anything like that because I feel like you don’t talk, you don’t do anything. So maybe mini golf or bowling,” he said.

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It’s hard to imagine Kraus having anything but an easy time in the dating department, but he insists that his first kiss was just as awkward as yours. “It was in kindergarten in the climber and her name was Kristen D., and there were, like, 18 years until the next one. So good start,” he jokes.