Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly Just Stripped Down to Their Underwear on Instagram Live

"I hope everyone's horny."

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are giving the people what they want. On Monday night, the two tattooed heartthrobs surprised their fans with an NSFW Instagram live, in which they stripped down to their "undies," seemingly as a part of some kind of collaboration with designer Calvin Klein.

"I hope everyone is just really soaking in their seats out there," said MGK (born Colson Baker) during the video as he sat on the couch next to his friend. Pete chimed in, adding, "I hope everyone's horny. We really brought the horniness. I mean, we bring the horniness. If you look up Machine Gun Kelly in the Urban Dictionary, it says, 'Horniness.'"

MGK was quick to remind his comedian friend that he's also known for something in particular (not just his recent viral relationship with Kim Kardashian). "Pete Davidson also has a simile to that," said Kelly, "It's called BDE." In case you missed it, the acronym was created during the Pete and Ariana Grande engagement era and stands for "Big Dick Energy."

Pete responded to the musician saying, "It's insanely embarrassing, but yes, it is true."

At one point the two friends decided to forgo their pants after Davidson asked Kelly, "Should we do it together?" The duo then ditched their pants revealing their white Calvin Klein boxer briefs before striking some poses and pretending to seductively eat popcorn. Pete joked, "Sure, you can have a Calvin Klein ad."

The Calvin Klein Instagram account clued in their followers earlier to the mayhem that was about to go down. They changed their profile picture to a photo of Davidson wearing a Calvin Klein baseball cap and edited their bio to read, "Pete here." They also posted a mirror photo of Davidson in a Calvin Klein tee that was captioned, "I got Instagram," insinuating that Pete was taking over the CK IG.

This is my petition to get Pete to permanently join IG.

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