If you’ve been hitting the Netflix rom-com scene particularly hard lately (not me, a friend), you’re probably familiar with the pinnacle of Julia Roberts’s '90s success, My Best Friend’s Wedding. Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney, Dionne Warwick sing-along numbers … remember?

Here’s a refresher:

Anyway, apparently, Penelope Cruz is a fan of the film.

The Oscar winner was attending a Lancôme event last week when “I Say a Little Prayer” started playing at the venue. Clearly remembering My Best Friend’s Wedding’s pivotal musical number, Cruz began filming herself singing along and then went on the hunt for the leading lady herself. Still singing, the actress wove her way through the star-studded locale, bumping into Kate Winslet along the way. And then, at long last, Penelope found Julia, and the video’s grand finale was written in song:

It’s not quite a revival, but we’ll take it. For more Julia Roberts, check out Runaway Bride on Amazon Prime—we heard it's pretty good.