Paris Jackson on Her Upcoming Tour, the Grunge Aesthetic, and Her Favorite Lipstick

The "Lighthouse" singer acted as the co-creative director for KVD's newest launch.

Paris Jackson x KVD Beauty
Photo: Courtesy KVD Beauty

Paris Jackson has big Aries energy.

Bold, ambitious, and creative are some of the most obvious traits to describe the rams of the zodiac, but Jackson's alignment with the fire sign goes beyond that. "I tend to be a little impulsive, impatient, passionate, and can get bored easily," she tells InStyle.

The balance of all those traits allude to why Jackson carries herself the way she does. Some of her jobs include being an actress, model, activist, and a singer — dipping her toes into different waters to express her creativity, passions, and, in a way, prevent boredom.

In New York City, we sat down with the multi-hyphenate talent to talk to her about her most recent professional endeavor in partnership with KVD Beauty for its newest launch: the Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick.

It's the second time she's partnered with the brand, and this time, she went beyond starring in the campaign. Jackson was the co-creative director and was involved in the creative direction of the shoot, where the brand says she contributed to location selection and guided the fairy-goth-meets-grunge aesthetic.

Jackson, who has a well-defined grunge style, says there's an energy to grunge that attracts her to it. "Grunge style is actually very interesting if you look at how it came about," she tells us, and refers to a Frances Bean Cobain quote as an explainer. In it, Cobain breaks down the irony of high-fashion grunge by illustrating how her father — Nirvana's lead singer, Kurt Cobain — used to be so poor that he would go to Goodwill to get donated ripped jeans.

For Jackson, that evolution and style holds an energy she's drawn to, and she brought it to life for KVD Beauty's campaign. And when it comes to emulating grunge in your beauty routine, she says to just be a little messy. "Don't brush your hair neatly, don't do your makeup super neatly," she says. "It's grunge, [so] the aesthetic is a little bit opposite to that."

kvd paris jackson interview

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The collection of Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipsticks boasts 21 shades, including the terracotta rose tinted one she wears during our interview. Its name is Moonflower.

Jackson tells InStyle that she loves how many colors the new lipstick comes in and the many different poisonous inspirations behind each of the shades. (She loves poisonous plants, she explains.) "In terms of the formula, it's really great how long they last. It's such a relief not having to worry about reapplying constantly," she adds.

"Working with KVD Beauty has been an unforgettable experience, not only as a face, but now with this new campaign where I was able to contribute to the creative direction," said Jackson in a press release for the brand. "As an artist, it was extremely special that I was able add my own touch to the launch of this new liquid lip collection. As a musician and performer, long-lasting wear is a must, so Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick is definitely my newest go-to for the stage."

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That last bit is especially relevant to her now. Earlier this summer, Jackson released her new single, "Lighthouse," and she tells InStyle that she's preparing to head out on tour for a few weeks in November. Of course, she'll be wearing her KVD lipstick at every show.

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