Paris Hilton Added Orange and Blue Streaks to Her Signature Blonde Hair

Just out here #Sliving life like only Paris can.

Days after This Is Paris, Paris Hilton's emotional and revealing YouTube documentary, premiered, she decided to add a few bold streaks to her trademark platinum blonde strands. In a new Instagram clip, Paris showed off orange and blue streaks — think Christina Aguilera during her "Dirrty" era or, more recently, Taylor Swift — a move that's almost probably against the dress code at Utah's Provo Canyon School, one of the "emotional growth schools" that Hilton describes in the doc.

Hilton isn't alone in the video, either. She geotagged the post with Bel Air (Does it get any more Paris than that?) and her pals Diplo and Cara Delevigne feature alongside her, with one of Instagram's filters popping on and off of them.

"#Sliving with @CaraDelevingne & @Diplo," Hilton captioned the short video, using her newest tagline, a blend of "slaying" and "living." Her long, ombré hair is on full display, going from a barely-there blue into a deeper shade and a sherbert-adjacent peach that fades into a darker, brighter orange. It's unclear if the dye is a temporary wash-out treatment, clip-in party accessories, or something more permanent, but it is clear that Hilton's having fun.

Hilton'sdocumentary gives viewers a look underneath the veneer and polish of Paris Hilton, the brand, and focuses on Paris Hilton, the woman. While many know her as a reality-TV star, heiress, and socialite, the revealing documentary offers up an intimate look at her life away from the spotlight, including her experience at the Utah school that is the furthest thing possible from anything on The Simple Life.

"Originally, I thought she wanted to do [the documentary] because she felt her reputation was kind of lagging behind this reality, which is that she's a really successful businesswoman and also the number one female DJ in the world," director Alexandra Dean told Refinery29. "While we were doing the film, a deeper, psychological reason emerged and I think you see that happening."

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