What's Even Hotter Than Oscar Isaac? Oscar Isaac Wearing a Skirt

To be clear, it's not a kilt.

What's Even Hotter Than Oscar Isaac? Oscar Isaac Wearing a Skirt
Photo: Getty Images/ Amanda Lauro

Longtime internet boyfriend Oscar Isaac knows a thing or two about going viral. The scorching arm kiss at the Venice Film Festival. The fact that he supported Poe and Finn shippers. The Atlas Shrugged T-shirt that made him a tumblr darling. But last month, as he promoted his Disney+ show Moon Knight, he made headlines all over again thanks to a very specific wardrobe choice: wearing two skirts in the span of a single week. And that's all it took for Isaac to graduate from his usual aw-shucks charm to being a full-on fashion force.

First, Isaac showed off a skirt on Instagram in the lead-up to Moon Knight's big premiere. A bit of investigation showed that it was from Commission and, well, commissioned by the actor's stylist, Michael Fisher, as a way to subvert what a superhero looks like. Unlike his Hollywood Chris Marvel compatriots, Isaac is decidedly less jacked, less blond, and, well, less prone to the fuckboy swagger that seems to undercut the polished gloss that comes with playing Captain America and Thor.

"It is his first Marvel project and he plays an unconventional superhero," Fisher told Vogue of the look. "We wanted to talk about that, different roles, and what a superhero looks like."

For his first foray into skirting, Isaac paired the grey, pleated skirt with a leather jacket, graphic tee, black socks, and thick-soled Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords.

And to prove that it wasn't just a fluke on his fashion résumé, for the official Moon Knight premiere, Isaac wore a full skirt suit by Thom Browne, adding matching knee-high socks and ankle boots from the storied brand. When reporters asked him if it was a kilt or a skirt, he insisted that he wasn't trying to cosplay as some sort of formal Braveheart extra. Instead of looking costumey, the hint of leg combined with the strict tailoring that the Thom Browne label is known for made for a sly, cheeky take on masculinity and what it means to take top billing for a Marvel project.

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight Premiere London Thom Browne Skirt
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

"I'd just call it a skirt, really," hesaid in London. "For me, a kilt, that's for the Highlanders up there. You know? I'm just wearing a skirt."

Dashing and daring? The fact that a leading man wore a skirt to one of his most high-profile projects, ever, didn't go unnoticed. The internet swooned, of course, with fashion critics and fangirls (and boys) alike taking notice. But just a few weeks later, at the 2022 Met Gala, Isaac hit us all with another swerve. It was a repeat Thom Browne, yes, but it was a full-on dress this time around. He explained it in a short interview with Vogue, saying that the look was "comfortable." While it looked like it could have been a skirt, the trompe l'oeil design just made it look that way. It wasn't separates, it was all one piece.

Oscar Isaac Met Gala 2022
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Labels like Louis Vuitton and Chopova Lowena offered up man skirts in their latest collections (and more outré brands like Rick Owens, Margiela, and Junya Watanabe always have skirts), so it seems like Isaac could be spotted in a new skirt sometime soon. If he does, it'll put him with the likes of F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton and Pete Davidson, who both wore skirts to the 2021 Met Gala; Harry Styles, who skipped out on a skirt and went all the way when he wore a Gucci gown; and musicians like A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X, who have their skirts on a regular rotation.

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