InStyle's November Man of Style Is A Real Life Romeo: Orlando Bloom

Man of Style
Photo: Matthew Brookes

It's easy to forget that Orlando Bloom was only 21 when he landed the role of the beached-blond pinup elf Legolas in 2001's epic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, a vehicle that made him, for a time anyway, one of the world's biggest movie stars. What followed was a succession of leading-man turns, mostly in period and fantasy films (Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy), that further cemented his status as Hollywood's ubiquitous of-another-era heartthrob. "I was definitely aware of being too visible, and I felt I was toovisible," says Bloom of his breakneck ascent. "Who doesn't get bored of seeing somebody over and over? It's like, 'That guy again?'" It turns out that taking what some might call a career breather (or at least smaller roles in smaller movies like New York, I Love You) in recent years has been a savvy move. Bloom, now 36, has a model wife (literally), Miranda Kerr, a 2-year-old son named Flynn, and the lead in a five-month run of Romeo and Juliet, currently on Broadway. "I'm probably good for Romeo because I'm still a little innocent," admits Bloom. "I'm just on the right side of not being jaded." Read an excerpt of the exclusive interview below and for more, turn to page 348 of the November issue, available on newsstands, or download it for your tablet, this Friday, October 18th.

Are you into fashion?This is crazy, but part of me thinks that, as a man, you shouldn't really be thinking too much about what you wear. I'm weirdly a throwback to the old generation. In my mind it's not appropriate for me to talk about fashion, and yet I really appreciate good cuts of clothes. So I'm a little bit conflicted in how to answer your question, but I will tell you that a Saint Laurent suit fits me great. And I love Dior and Margiela. I'm pretty blessed actually, because a lot of the designers' clothes seem to fit me quite well.

You may not be a fashionista, but you married Miranda, who does have impeccable style. She does dress well. I love the way she dresses.

What kind of influence does she have over your look?She'll only say something if she doesn't like it. But otherwise she's pretty low-key, especially since we are constantly on the go, always traveling.

Where is home? Flynn is not in school yet, so we're still pretty loosey-goosey. We're a bit of a traveling circus. She flies somewhere for work; I take of care of Flynn. Or, you know, we're together, and we just make it work. We're not conventional in any way, shape, or form.

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Orlando Is a Good Listener

Man of Style
Matthew Brookes

"His arresting kindness. He listens with an open spirit that is enviable, and then he'll say something that just makes me laugh," Laura Linney, co-star from 'Sympathy for Delicious.'

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He Has A Lot of Good Qualities

Man of Style
Matthew Brookes

"He is delightfully humble and very gracious. Plus, he's quite funny," Condola Rashad, co-star from 'Romeo and Juliet.'

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And He Likes to Laugh

Man of Style
Matthew Brookes

"He doesn't take himself seriously. There are a few things worse than working with an actor who does. Orlando is always up for having a laugh," Evangeline Lilly, co-star from 'The Hobbit.'

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