People Cannot Tell Orlando Bloom’s and Katy Perry’s Dogs Apart

Orlando Bloom
Photo: SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

Orlando Bloom has been the victim of a lot of fictitious articles (at least according to his mom, who has been sending out his résumé to every national newsroom in Britain) but, IMO, the most egregious mistake has to do with his little dog, Mighty.

You see, little Mighty is quite the accomplished red poodle, having even been inducted into Leonardo DiCaprio's bro squad. But he keeps on getting mistaken for Katy Perry’s dog, Nugget. (Not to be outdone, Nugget is actually a professional model, who starred in Perry's Citibank commercial this year.)

The mix-up is understandable; afterall, the parents were dating until earlier this year and Bloom has spent time with Perry’s pup.

But since the split, the Pirates actor starting having Mighty appear on his Instagram feed.

The little guy has accompanied his owner everywhere from L.A. to New York and even Japan, and yet he still keeps getting misidentified as his doggie doppelgänger. This little guy has played with Leonardo DiCaprio, and can't even get his time in the spotlight.

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So, for the record, Orlando Bloom was not toting his ex-girlfriend’s dog through LAX on Wednesday (above, at top). And he wasn’t walking Nugget through the streets of Manhattan this week either.

This is Mighty:

And this is Nugget:







P.S. If Nugget looks familiar to you, it's probably because Perry is a self-described “collector of miniatures”—back in 2014, she welcomed a different red pup named Butters into her family.

Meet Butters:

Got it? Good.

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